Terms and conditions for Piefinch Creative

Here are the terms and conditions regarding all website design and services provided by Piefinch Creative dated 23 November 2016.

Please note these terms and conditions apply to all our customers who currently use any of our services.

New website contracts

This is how it works.

1. The client fills out a design brief, these can be accessed here. We will then provide you with a design for your website based on your preferences. We will send you the design and quote and await for your feedback. Once you are happy with the design the website is ready to be built.

Please note this design and quote will only be available for 30 days. If we do not hear back from you during this period we will assume that you are no longer interested and the original design will not be held.

2. Once the client has confirmed that they wish to go ahead with the website build the 1st payment is then due. Once the payment is received we will schedule in the build of your new website.

The question everyone asks is “how long does this take?” the answer is “it depends”. It is possible to build a website in 3 - 4 weeks if the client is quick at providing content, images and feedback, on average the time is 6 – 8 weeks. During the website build we keep the client updated at all times, they will be sent reviews of the site so that they monitor progress and also suggest any amendments.

Once the client is happy with the website to go live they must sign the site off.

Website content and images

We are not responsible for content we have received from you. Any content or image changes we make we ask you to check too in case there are any errors – errors do occur so it is always advisable to check any amendments. You are responsible for proof reading your site. We can advise you but we are not responsibly any incorrect information on your website.

It is also your responsibility that your content conforms to all statutory law and regulations. At Piefinch we comply to the EU ‘cookie law’ therefore all sites have a privacy policy and cookie law consent box. Any other necessary compliances for your business or service is your responsibility.

Any images that you send to us to add to the website must have the permission of the owner to be included on your site – this is your responsibility. We do provide stock images when suitable images aren’t available.

We will NOT add any content or images which we feel is offensive.

Updating and redesigning your site

At Piefinch we believe that websites continually need to be current therefore we offer free updates throughout the year, so if you move address, offer new products, new members of staff, attending a trade fair please tell us and we will be happy to add to your website. If we are spending more than the allocated time for your package on updates we may need to review your contract.

Depending on the update in question we aim to get updates done between 1 – 3 days.

We also offer the option to redesign your site after 18 months.


We provide a free .co.uk domain for the first year after which we will send you an invoice. If you require any other domains we will purchase them and you will be invoiced for these.

Hosting & emails

We provide hosting and email services for free for all of our clients. Websites do go down and in the unlikely event of this happening we do investigate as soon as possible. Piefinch is not responsible for any downtime. Please note this is an unusual ocurrance and we do monitor websites.

We provide free email addresses for storage up to 100MB, if you require larger mailboxes there is a small charge.


Invoices are sent on a monthly basis and are due within 30 days of date of invoice, please set up a standing order with your bank. If you do not keep up with your payments then we may suspend your website and our services until payment is received.

Ending contracts

If you no longer require our services please contact us in writing with 30 days notice. Any fees incurred after this date will also be payable by yourself.

Please note any contracts with a minimum monthly contract will need to be paid in full.

Should you wish to purchase the design we created for you please contact us for further details