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10 Sept 2018

Finished – or have you only just begun?

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It’s a great feeling when your website is finally live.

All that time spent writing and re writing content, looking at images after images, rearranging pages then rearranging again, checking your testimonials, updating your brochures and general information so that everything is accurate , , , and now the site is live!

And doesn’t it feel good

You are getting interest from new and old customers, enquiries and searching well in Google so surely now you can forget about your website and move on to something else.

NO – don’t do this.

Your website is like a fitness campaign. Keep fit regularly by doing fitness workouts and you will see results but it will only take around 2 months of inactivity for all those results to be lost. Your website too could suffer if you don't keep it updated.

BUT I’ve finished I don’t have time.

Well here at Piefinch we can help. We have marketing experts who can help write blogs for you or assist with social media and other marketing ideas. And of course as part of our care plan you can just drop us an email with any changes, news or promotions you have and we can do the rest in a professional manner, leaving you time to get on with your job.

By Sarah Williams

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