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16 Aug 2018


Photo for re-branding article

In my 20 year career as a Graphic/Web Designer I’ve created quite a few logos over the years, ranging from the corporate to charity organisations to the music industry. And no two are the same and this is what I love about branding.

Branding shows your audience that you care about your business and that you mean business.

There's nothing wrong with evolving your logo overtime either. It shows your business is growing/changing - maybe your demographic has shifted and you need a logo to target them.

If you look at the logos below you will see the progression overtime and we love the 2018 version. It's simpler, but stronger than the other two.

For me it has a play on words too. I wanted the new Pie-bird to be round (playing on Pie, as in Pie charts).

As I create logos I also like to think about possible straplines. In this case things like "The All Round Solution" and "Taking you under our wing" came to mind. It's all part of the strategy.

Remember this next time someone offers you a cheap logo. Are they just creating a pretty shape for you OR do you want one with meaning? It's better to have a professional designer listen to your needs and create the right logo for YOU, one that tells a story.

Then next time you are at a networking meeting you will have something to say!

By Helen Mayer

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