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1 Aug 2018

A Website re-design

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At Piefinch we thought it was time for a website re-design, which comes at a time when we are about to offer further services, such as marketing, branding and even video production so clients can have everything under one roof. So exciting times!

But this post isn't about what we did, this is about what you could do about a re-design.

One thing you should never do is keep the same website design forever. Not only will it look dated, but the technology that created it will be out of date, meaning visitors will struggle to view it.

Another factor to consider is that your business has most probably changed drastcially in the past 10 years, so the information is out of date and you look out of touch.

Where do I start?

You need to work out why you need a website, who is the audience and what are you trying to say to them. Long gone are the days when a nice website was just about design, it's so much more than that now, you are trying to turn that viewer into a customer and encouragement is required. So here are a few tips when considering a new website.

  • Be clear about your services
  • Have strong CTA's (call to actions) on pages to get that lead
  • Use professional images throughout your website
  • Use videos to explain what you do to people who hate reading
  • Have a testimonials page, you need to instil confidence in the audience
  • If SEO is important to you (which it should be) then get a copywriter to help
  • Make sure your logo is clear. If it's blurry then ask your graphic designer for a crisp one
  • Have contact forms - make it easy for people to get in touch safely
  • Drive people to your website through social media
  • Write a blog to forward people to your website. Show off your expertise

And finally - once you get your new website live, update it on a regular basis and keep on top of security updates too. If you don't have the time to do this get a website company to do this for you. We are there to help!

By Helen Mayer

Lets chat about you and a new responsive website!

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