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writing it down - how hard can it be?

Why use a copywriter

You know what you want to say, you know what you want other people to ask but can you write content for someone with no knowledge of your services? How about for an expert in your line of work? Do you actually know what key phrases the novice and the expert will use to arrive at your site?

Writing content for your site is much harder than it looks. We usually find it is the content that delays a site going live more than anything else. You know it has to be written in an informative and interesting manner but what about keywords, headings, sitemaps, pages etc.

Having someone who doesn't work in your business to write your content can be a very interesting exercise. You work very closely in your task so may not be asking the obvious questions. Our professional copywriters not only will be able to write your content in a user friendly manner but will also make suggestions of keywords which you may have missed. If your key market is going to be steered towards your website you need to think what would they Google - rather than what would you google

copywriters part of the piefinch team

Writing content for your business website can be a major obstacle, not only is it time consuming it needs to be written in a user friendly, SEO target driven way which gets your message across.

As part of the Piefinch team we have a highly experienced copywriter who can help you deliver your message in an efficient and compelling manner

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