Things you might like to know
1. Why don’t you add prices on your website?

The reason why we don’t put prices on our website is that each website is different and require different skills.

Once you have expressed an interest in having Piefinch design your website we will ask you to fill in a design brief. This gives us the information required for us to evaluate your needs, we will then provide you with a quote.

2. How long does it take to build a website?

This is as dependent on the client as it is on us. Once you have agreed on having us build your site (thank you very much) we will send you a schedule.

We send reviews to you on a regular basis so you know how the site is progressing BUT if you delay in sending us feedback, content or images then this of course delays the site going live.

We do recommend that you have one person whose job it is to project manage the site build from your company so that they can collect data required and make certain that the site stays on track. We are able to provide a project manager if you require.

4. My domain is hosted elsewhere is that a problem?

No this is not a problem. You can leave the domain where it is or you can transfer it over to us to manage. We will however require you to point the nameservers to your new site. This takes a couple of minutes to do – your hosting company can usually do this for you or we can do this for you if you are unsure how to do this.

5. My email is setup elsewhere and I don’t want to move it?

You can leave your email accounts and point your domain to your new site. We will give you advice on how to do this.

7. Why is there an upfront fee?

Once you have filled in your brief and we have sent you a quote we have already spent sometime researching your needs. Building the website involves a considerable amount of time behind the scenes which means we are not working on other projects. By paying an upfront fee we are using our time effectively and it also gives you an incentive to keep the website moving and not getting sidetracked.

8. How long is a contract for?

Our contracts are for 18 months. After this time you can either move your site or carry on with the care plan.

9. What is covered in the care package?

The Piefinch care plan offers you peace of mind. We provide hosting and monitor for any downtime which may occur. We also provide Analytics for your site, backups, security and SSL certificates. One of the main things we offer is updates to your site – keeping your website current. Just email across what needs adding or removed from your site and we will get this done for you.

10. Is it okay to only have the website designed by you and not use your other team members?

Yes of course it is – we have a good team behind us who we have worked with on numerous projects so we are delighted to offer their services. These services are of course optional but may well hope in the smooth running of your business aims and goals.

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