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what am i about - who are we?

This question isn't meant to be quite as deep as it sounds. Unfortunately we can't help you spiritually or metaphysically we aren't quite as good as that, not yet anyway, but we can help you with identifying your brand.

We offer branding services including logo designs, brochures, leaflets, all stationery services including letterheads and business cards.

Why choose piefinch branding

At Piefinch we have built up a great team which we work well with, we believe communication is key for a successful business.

It will have a negative effect if one part of the team is oblivious to the fact that you have now changed your business focus, have a new showroom or you are now advertising throughout Europe (we can't give you advice on Brexit negotiations either - though we do have clients in Europe) .

The differences between marketing, websites, branding etc are quite blurred,  working together as a team we can keep the project on track and focused on your message.as a team we can discuss and absorb new ideas so that they are reflected in your website as well as in your brand.

Do get in touch with us if you are interested in our graphic design or branding services.

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