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where is everyone?

Does your website feel like it's the party no one wants to go to as there is a better one somewhere else? And then when people do show up they don't hang around as it isn't really geared towards them anyway. They thought it was a different party to the one you were offering. Well let's talk SEO and traffic conversions.

why aren't they coming?

Why doesn't anyone know about you?

I remember walking into a camera shop in a town I'd visited many times. I was delighted with the selections, the advice and came away with a great tripod. As I paid for the item I'd asked how long they had had a shop here and to my surprise they said "over 20 years, but lots of people think we are new and don't notice us"

I was staggered, then as I left the shop I saw why. There was no indication as to what the shop actually sold. The shop window was very sparsely designed and the shop sign was faded with no mention of photographic equipment. It looked similar but not as exciting as the antique shops it was surrounded by.

If you don't tell people what you do then how are people expected to find you. IF your shop name is McGregors, for example, how is anyone  meant to know what you sell and do you expect Google to find you either. So get your title showing McGregors - photographic equipment. Then Google and your future visitors will at least find you when they are looking for you

wait - why are you leaving don't you like playing twister?

So your guests have arrived - yeah! .

But before you can ask if they'd like a cinzano and a cheese and pineapple on a stick (very 1970's party) they've gone. So why was that?

When you told them it was a party you didn't tell them what type of party it was and it wasn't what they were looking for so they are off down the road. The thing is not only are they disappointed the people who love wearing their flares didn't show up either as they also didn't know what type of a party it was. So how do you fix this ?

content content content

On quite a few occasions we've had a customer ask why they aren't searching for a particular service they offer or a new product which is sometimes referred to under another name. We check their entire site and say - that phrase is not actually in your website. If you want Google to find you you need to tell them. Think very carefully what your audience would look for what would they google? Rather than party - how about "1970's party" or "1970's event" if those words aren't there - neither are your party guests.

We do offer copywriting services and our experienced copywriters can help you with writing your content in a natural SEO targeted keyword way.

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We offer general SEO services using Google Analytics. If you require a more comprehensive SEO service we provide a monthly service which will provide you with a report and suggestions there is a small additional cost for this feature.

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